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January 21: Baseball Dreaming Again January 21, 2015

Posted by Christine Coleman in Photography.
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It was another long, gray and drizzly day — nothing of any interest to photograph. But a conversation with my Giants fan pal at work led to us talking about Fenway Park (he’s going to keep up with the Red Sox this year since his favorite Giant is now there) and how he’d love to go there.

Which led to me talking about my trip there in late July 2008. Since I hated the Sawx all the more just four years after they ruined my favorite Cardinals season to that point, I was going to hate their stupid ballpark too.


Except I couldn’t.

It’s the combination of obviously historical aspects with some modern amenities in areas too that makes it so appealing. And of course the Green Monster in left field. (We even got to go on top of it during a ballpark tour.) Plus it had the best beer selection of any ballpark I’ve been too — and this was pre-celiac, when I could enjoy beer.

The game itself was great too. John Lackey, still on the Angels at the time, had a no-hitter until one out in the ninth inning and had a 6-0 kead. Then Dustin Pedroia (of course, right?) singled to break up the no-hitter and Kevin Youkilis (also no surprise) homered so Lackey didn’t even get a shut-out.

Ah, well.

Still the Sawx lost that night, as well as the next night when I was back again. So the two games were just about as good as I could have hoped for.

The no-hitter would have made it perfect.