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Beginning of a Day, Beginning of a Year January 3, 2014

Posted by Christine Coleman in Outdoors.
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Sunrises and sunsets are two of my favorite things to see. Each one has its own uniqueness: colors ranging from yellows and oranges to pinks and purples with any variety of shades in between, enhanced in any variety of ways if there are clouds. There’s a promise in each sunrise, for a unique day ahead, while each sunset brings its own closure.

While I certainly am no photographer, I do enjoy snapping pictures of sunrises and sunsets with my phone or, if I happen to have it with me, my camera. So when I saw the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge was on beginnings, I knew just what I’d post.

January sunrise

Since it was so clear overnight, it was incredibly cold this morning. I kept an eye on the window as the sky began lightening before 7 a.m., wondering if the -14F temperature would bring about a nice sunrise.

As you can see, it did. No filters on the photo and no editing — this is how it looked from my snow-covered deck in the brief few seconds I could stand to be out there without a coat to snap a few pictures from my phone.

A January 3 sunrise — the beginning of a day, the beginning of a year, a time filled with promise in all that cold air as the days begin to lengthen ever so slightly.


Action Feels Good January 2, 2014

Posted by Christine Coleman in Exercise, Goals.
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It would have been so easy to just go home after work tonight. That’s what I’ve been doing for months anyway, so it’s become my habit. Besides, it’s really cold. My back felt stiff from shoveling snow yesterday. I was tired. I could have stayed later at work, as I have so very much to do there in the next five weeks.

take-actionInstead, I took action.

I went to the Two Rivers YMCA (to use my membership for once, instead of giving a monthly “donation” via the online payment system), was surprised at the number of empty parking places in the lot on Jan. 2, was further surprised at the few number of people on the walking track and only one person on the bikes adjacent to it. So, instead of my plan to walk on the track — I’d assumed it would be the typical Jan. 2 crowd and everything would be in use — I went to one of the bikes. Yes, these are the bikes that each have their own TV and today I found a real secret to making the time go by quickly: stumble across the movie “Moneyball” about an hour into it.

So I was distracted as I rode but I pushed myself nonetheless, and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the 20-game winning streak part of the movie (and of course appreciated watching Brad Pitt). It reminded me for the second time today of my previous fascination with the Oakland A’s teams of 2001 to 2006 or so (the first reminder was in reading about Mark Mulder signing a minor league contract with the Angels, and recalling his best performance as a Cardinal).

But, even with the distraction, it felt good to be there and felt good to actually do something.

My goal for the month of January is to lose 10 pounds, and to go to the Y at least three times a week. Which is why, even on a day when it would have been so easy to find so many excuses not to go, I didn’t.

I went.

The only way 2014 is going to be better for me is by me doing something about it … one day at a time.

Wise Words For 2014 January 1, 2014

Posted by Christine Coleman in 2014.

Some great thoughts for this morning of Jan. 1, 2014.


(Thanks, Linda, for posting a version of this on Facebook!)

Another thought: the year ahead is largely what you make it.

I didn’t necessarily like 2013, but also realize that was due to what I did — or didn’t do — throughout those 365 days that just ended. The only way 2014 will be better is from my own efforts, and from working to make it a better year.

Happy New Year!