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Ah, Well, No 30 Blogs in 30 Days November 17, 2013

Posted by Christine Coleman in 2013, Goals, Writing.

It sounded easy on Nov. 1: just post something, anything, every day for the month of November and participate in National Blog Posting Month. And for 14 straight days, I did.

That’s longer than I’ve ever posted anything on my baseball blog. It is an accomplishment!

bloggingBut Friday the 15th was busy, as two of my nieces were over to spend the night, so I didn’t post anything. Yesterday I intended to catch up and post two things … and did not. So here we are.

I do enjoy the chance to just write whatever here, or find a photo I’ve taken and use that along with a little description. I will continue to do that more often than I had been. Just not daily. Although the November blogging month thing definitely made me write more regularly — and was an incentive on quite a few of the first 14 days to actually write something on nights when I just wanted to go to bed instead.

For tonight, that’s all. A busy weekend, once again with too little accomplished from the very long list I’d hoped to get done.

Maybe some weekend I’ll actually feel the opposite on a Sunday night!



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