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Of Springtime and a Heart Balloon November 14, 2013

Posted by Christine Coleman in Outdoors, Writing.

This is a Throwback Thursday post of sorts — throwing all the way back to May 9 of this year. It was a cloudy and at times rainy spring day and, late in afternoon at work, I happened to look out the window and see this.

balloon heart

Yes, a heart-shaped balloon. And it was in the puddles outside the dock door, of all places. The rain and May breeze had obviously knocked down many blossoms from the bushes that line the edge of the parking lot to add to the scene.

An unexpected sight, for sure, yet also striking as you can see — the contrast of the red with the gray, the reflections in the puddles, the pink petals scattered all around.

Where the balloon came from, who knows? And it wasn’t there long before blowing over by the dumpster — and then I left work for the day.

Seeing the picture again, it seems like there could be a interesting story written about it. Maybe the balloon was intentionally let go, over some ill-advised comment from a boyfriend to a girlfriend after giving her a heart-shaped balloon …

For tonight, though, that’s all. More to ponder, and to write, another time — when I feel like dreaming of springtime and blossoms.



1. Cheryl - November 15, 2013

i love that picture! the contrast of the bright color on the dreary background leads to so much speculation. and so much could be said and made up / written about why it is there. it could even be a stand in for describing how someone has been let down by something.

Christine Coleman - November 15, 2013

There really is just so much to the picture, and so many possibilities about it — and it was absolutely random that I happened to look out the window and see it!

2. linda - November 15, 2013

great picture

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