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Where Does the Time Go? November 12, 2013

Posted by Christine Coleman in Exercise, Goals, Weight loss, Writing.
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Every day seems to go by so quickly, and every week too. The months, the years — all of it, here and gone.

clocksSo many things I want to do, all those things I intend to get to — ideas here, gone, unfulfilled.

Or started, stalled, stopped.

The novel I’ve written, rewritten and rewritten yet again that still needs work. Those other novels from past National Novel Writing Months that I wanted to get back to and revise.

Losing more weight, staying active, getting back to running.

Book after book after book after book I want to read — so many already owned, sitting on my nightstand or bookshelves or piled on a shelf in the closet.

I could go on …

The truth is I obviously get things done. I do write, I’ve just made blogging about the Cardinals my priority and I enjoy it. To blog about the Cardinals means watching the Cardinals, which actually takes up the months of April through October. I love baseball, so it’s not a chore. But I want to learn more about baseball, and many of the books stacked up are baseball books. The season is over — I should have time to read. But there’s still writing, and for now editing — the Cardinals blogger group publishes a season-in-review publication and I’m editing that. It’s something I enjoy, but it too takes time.

Exercise — yeah. I know what I want to do. Motivation is barrier. My workout bag is at work — where it’s been yesterday and today, where it was last week. Intentions are easier than actions. Yet the actions I do take in an hour, a day, a week don’t ever seem to be the ones that I really want to do. (Thus the stack of unread books.)

And there’s work. Like most people, my job takes up more than 40 hours of my week, and the time spent there gets longer as the countdown to the annual convention gets shorter.

There is a literal countdown at work too — a clock that ticks off every second of every hour of every day of every week of every month until the convention arrives each year. It makes me very aware of time — 87 days left now — but it’s those seconds that pass by literally in the blink of an eye. Day after day after day …

All the time just adds up. Why can’t all the accomplishments I want to achieve add up right along with it?



1. happyhealthcoachblog - November 13, 2013
2. linda - November 13, 2013

As I’ve said before, I think now I’m going to write my goals and review my accomplishments for the year at the END OF THE YEAR. Instead of feeling like once again I didn’t get done what I set out to do.

Instead of going somewhere (accomplishing goals), maybe I need to focus more on enjoying what I’m actually doing (or doing things that bring me joy and happiness in their own ways). It will lead me somewhere, and maybe where doesn’t have to be predetermined.

We can accomplish a lot, and experience a lot and end up in places we could never have imagined. And we succeed at many un-predetermined goals. Things I can check off as “I did it!” (“And who knew that it was even going to be a goal? It wasn’t even a consideration!”)

Doing it this way also leaves us open to opportunities we might not even recognize if we’re too focused on where we’re going.

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