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Sometimes Mistakes Can Be Tasty November 8, 2013

Posted by Christine Coleman in Baseball, Food.
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I have a confession to make about Game Six of the World Series: I actually didn’t watch very much of it. Instead, I was baking cookies and listening to the KMOX radio broadcast online.

It wasn’t necessarily a stress reliever — I would have been baking cookies even if Michael Wacha had been throwing a no-hitter. (Probably.) There was a bake sale at work the next day for United Way week and I needed to make something to bring in.

oatmeal cookiesNow, the fact Game Six was going on at the same time I was baking meant several things:

  1. I was drinking wine before and during the cookie-making process
  2. I was getting texts from several friends as the game was falling apart
  3. Responding to these texts while in the middle of mixing up the ingredients for the cookies and drinking wine meant that I might have had trouble keeping track of just where I was in the recipe. Possibly …

It was my first time making these particular cookies, gluten-free oatmeal raisin ones using this recipe. And I was doing fine with everything, making progress mixing everything together, until I got to the oats.

They are the final ingredient and I’d reached this part of the recipe right around the time Stephen Drew of the Red Sox hit his home run, which I knew was the final nail in the coffin of the 2013 St. Louis Cardinals season. Even with the homer, the guy ended up hitting .158/.190/.316 in the World Series.

So with the texts and more wine and just trying to keep track of where I was in the recipe, I wasn’t sure if I’d already put in one cup of oats or two. I knew it wasn’t yet three, so I added another cup in and mixed it up. The batter was kind of difficult to stir so — in my totally rationale state of mind — I figured that must have been the third cup. And someone might have texted me, or I needed another glass of wine. (One or the other, I’m sure.)

I continued on.

The first batch out of the oven looked fine, so I quit wondering about the ingredients and let my attention focus on the game — such as it was — and, once it ended, the subsequent texts and emails and Facebook posts.

So the next day was the bake sale. The cookies sold well, I received compliments on them (even though I didn’t tell anyone they were gluten-free — my coworkers probably just know anything I bring is now) and that was that.

Fast forward to tonight. I still have enough of the ingredients to make another batch of these cookies, and they sounded good. So, without the distractions of a World Series final game or wine or texts from my friends, I was able to completely focus on the recipe and follow along without questioning if I’d added enough oats. One, two, three cups.

They seemed to look a little different than I remembered from last week but, again, I’d been mighty distracted then.

Once I glanced at the first pan of cookies in the oven about halfway through baking, I realized these were different. More oats, for sure, than the World Series version. (Like you didn’t see that coming …)

A short while later, with this batch out of the oven, I tasted one.

Yeah, last week’s were so much better. The three cups of oats, despite what the recipe said, were too many. Two cups had been just right.

At least something good came from Game Six of this year’s World Series — even though it took me about nine days to realize just how good this really was. Because, on occasion, making a mistake is actually beneficial.



1. linda - November 9, 2013

that is funny. and so right.

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