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Happy for the Sunshine November 6, 2013

Posted by Christine Coleman in Outdoors.
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The weather has been so dreary lately — gray, rainy, cool. Typical late October/early November weather, I suppose, but I’ve been missing the sun.

sunlight-02When I was driving back to work from lunch this afternoon, off to the west there was — amid the layers of clouds — blue sky. Soon the blue spread across the sky and chased the gray and, a while later, there it was: sunlight.

Even though I was in my office, it was so pleasant to look out the window and see the sunshine. It would come and go, with all the clouds still in the sky too, but seeing the sun was a nice boost.

As the time ticked away, toward the way-too-early sunset (which I can’t see since I’m on the east side of the building), there were moments when the red and yellow leaves on the bushes at the edge of the parking lot seemed to glow. It was stunning — and, unfortunately, I did not capture it via photo. Instead I just enjoyed the brightness, enjoyed the leaves and enjoyed the brief vacation from November as, for a few brief seconds, it seemed like summertime (overlooking the colors of the leaves) once again.

It’s a long time until spring, so best to take the moments of enjoyment when they appear.



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