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One Benefit of Fall, Especially This Year November 5, 2013

Posted by Christine Coleman in Outdoors.
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There are definitely parts of fall that I really enjoy (beyond just October baseball) and one of those is the leaves changing. I can’t imagine I’d ever be content to live in a more moderate climate where fall doesn’t equal yellow, orange, brown and red (Cardinal red, of course) on the trees.

leavesThe fact I live where there is an abundance of trees makes my enjoyment of the season an even bigger benefit. And this fall, more than others in recent years, has been especially pretty — and during the past week or so in particular.

Maybe it’s because the weather has been more gray and cloudy than anything, meaning that the bright and vibrant colors stand out all the more. Yet it also seems like the leaves have remained on the trees now into November, providing such picturesque opportunities to capture the beauty.

Last Thursday, I left work early for an eye doctor’s appointment. It was very gray, at times drizzling, yet the 15-minute drive to the doctor’s office was so pleasant. Beautiful, brilliant colors on the many tree-lined streets I took to get there, set off all the more with the dull sky as a backdrop.

I’ve definitely snapped my share of fall photos this year, as my Facebook friends will attest. But the convenience of having my phone whenever the colors or sunlight catches my attention makes it simple to do and I like to capture the moments (and then post them to Instragram, Facebook and Twitter — because that’s just the way of the world now, right?)  And I like having these little slice-of-2013-fall-life pictures to remind me of this year, especially because the moment of brilliance are fleeting.

Like the picture above, which I took on Friday while leaving work — these were at the edge of our parking lot. Today, only four days later, nearly all the leaves are gone thanks to the breezy days we’ve had since. And those branches will remain bare for months and months. Yet at least I have the picture to remind me of the colorful show that was right before us, even if briefly.



1. Mary - November 6, 2013

I’ve sure enjoyed reading all of your blogs for November.

Christine Coleman - November 6, 2013

Thank you — I appreciate it!

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