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Instead of Novel Writing Month, It’s Blogging Month November 1, 2013

Posted by Christine Coleman in 2013, Writing.

For anyone who’s a writer, November is well known as National Novel Writing Month. For participants, the goal is to write each day throughout the month with the finish line being creating a 50,000 word (at minimum) novel.

bloggingI have done NaNoWriMo (as it’s called for short) four times — actually finishing a novel draft three times. Last year, I started and did not finish.

This year, I thought about it … and then the Cardinals won the National League pennant and were in the World Series and writing about that at my main blogging home took precedence over thinking about a novel. Who needs fiction when real life is so much better? (Or so much better until your team loses the World Series?)

Yet as I saw friends posting about starting their NaNoWriMo journeys on Facebook and Twitter today, I was a little envious. Not so much that I decided to jump in and start writing a novel without really having any definitive idea for a story — no. Besides, I have plenty of other writing ahead for the United Cardinal Bloggers postseason publication, as well as editing what the rest of the Cardinal bloggers are contributing.

Then, tonight, I saw an email from WordPress about National Blog Posting Month (with the rather unwieldly abbreviation of NaBloPoMo). The goal of this: blog every day for a month.

Ah, now this I can do — especially here.

So that’s my November writing challenge for this year. Of course, I will still be blogging at Aaron Miles’ Fastball too but I have some things I want to write about there that could fit in as cross-posts here as well. Plus there are several other topics that it would be fun to explore here. Who knows where it will all end up?

besides, when blogging, it’s OK to be without a plan for the next 29 days! Less stress. Less pressure to be organized. Still making a commitment and writing daily.

Sounds like a good deal to me.



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