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We Only Get One Day at a Time January 1, 2013

Posted by Christine Coleman in 2013.

one-day-at-a-timeHappy 2013!

For me, it’s never a surprise when the new year finally arrives. I don’t struggle with remembering the numbers in the year, because I spend so much of each one at work focused on what’s to come. We’ve been working on the 2013 convention since last year’s ended in February. We’ve already started some on 2014, even though this year’s begins Feb. 10.

And maybe that’s why I struggle so much with just living in the present, focusing on today and only this day and what I can accomplish. Because, during all those hours I’m at work throughout the course of a year, I’m always looking ahead. Always thinking about what’s still to come, the number of things that absolutely have to be accomplished for the convention and, at this particular time of year, the list is tremendously long.

So just looking at this one day — a challenge.

Baseball season helps some with living in the moment. It’s a long season, a six-month marathon, made up of day-to-day battles that can test both a team and its fans throughout the course of 162 games. Yet in baseball’s off-season (which seems tremendously long this time around — I suppose not winning the World Series will do that), all the focus is on what’s ahead. Players moves for next season, and coaching moves also. Endless countdowns posted on social media about the days and weeks until spring training and opening day. Only six weeks to spring training now! The Cardinals open the 2013 season exactly three months from today, playing the Diamondbacks!

So this time of year makes focusing on only today difficult too.

Yet that’s what I want to do in 2013. And I want to accomplish that by getting back to something that’s always been so beneficial: journaling.

It used to be part of what I did, maybe not every day but a couple of times a week. And I’ve let that slide in the past several years — with the predictable negative results. Can’t change all that today, though — all I can do is focus on Jan. 1, 2013, and start writing in the brand-new notebook I bought just for this purpose. All those blank pages …

There are so many other things I want to do this year also. Too many, perhaps — but they’re really all just focused on getting back to “who I used to be,” even though it will be the 2013 version of that. Eating well so I feel better and more energetic, only this time as someone with celiac disease. Exercising, since I know how much that also helps me feel better and more energetic, only this time as someone that much older and having dealt again with injuries.

Maybe the list of things I want to accomplish is actually just those two: feel better, feel more energetic.

Worthy goals, attainable goals for sure. I know what to do to reach them — I’ve been there before.

But I can only get back by focusing on one day at a time.



1. linda - January 1, 2013

feel better, feel more energetic, and eliminate unnecessary stress…one page at a time!

2. linda - January 1, 2013

BTW – it’s perfectly acceptable to fill some of those blank pages with the posts from here (it’s just another form of journaling, no?)

Christine Coleman - January 1, 2013

Yes, it is — thank you!

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