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A Good Thing To Remember … January 2, 2013

Posted by Christine Coleman in 2013.
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We Only Get One Day at a Time January 1, 2013

Posted by Christine Coleman in 2013.

one-day-at-a-timeHappy 2013!

For me, it’s never a surprise when the new year finally arrives. I don’t struggle with remembering the numbers in the year, because I spend so much of each one at work focused on what’s to come. We’ve been working on the 2013 convention since last year’s ended in February. We’ve already started some on 2014, even though this year’s begins Feb. 10.

And maybe that’s why I struggle so much with just living in the present, focusing on today and only this day and what I can accomplish. Because, during all those hours I’m at work throughout the course of a year, I’m always looking ahead. Always thinking about what’s still to come, the number of things that absolutely have to be accomplished for the convention and, at this particular time of year, the list is tremendously long.

So just looking at this one day — a challenge.