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My new Cardinals blog January 5, 2011

Posted by Christine Coleman in Baseball.

Writing about baseball is something that I missed, I realized recently. As a result, I started my own Cardinals blog. You can find the blog, Aaron Miles’ Fastball, here. (And if you don’t know who Aaron Miles is, that’s fine. You don’t have to click the link!)

In keeping with my productivity goal for 2011, however, I am planning to still write about other topics here – though I’ll likely be writing about the Cardinals on my other blog much more often! Here’s a bit of good news on the 2011 goals front: a great first week at Weight Watchers, surprisingly so, as I lost 5 pounds. The exercise goal is harder to get back into the routine of, but I’ve gotten started at least. Besides, it’s only Jan. 5!


A fresh new year January 1, 2011

Posted by Christine Coleman in Goals.
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Photo: yunphoto.net/en

It’s 1-1-11! A new month and a new year are ahead, waiting for us all.

While I mentioned thinking of the start of a year like a blank slate yesterday, this photo is more how I see the dawning of 2011: sunny, pristine, untouched and unspoiled. As the days progress, the field that’s this year will fill with footprints and the snow will melt and the seasons will change. New growth will happen, crops will be planted and ultimately harvested. But, for now, unknown possibilities are ahead.

It’s fresh, new, exciting and beautiful – and the opportunities are endless.