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Will there be a bird omen this Cardinals season? April 25, 2010

Posted by Christine Coleman in Baseball.

I’m becoming a believer in omens when it comes to my baseball team – bird omens. Now that a new baseball season is in progress, I’m wondering if there will be another one.

At work, I’ll occasionally be startled by a bird flying into one of the two windows in my office. It happens every so often. Usually the bird is merely stunned and flies away a few seconds later.

In September 2007, a bird smashed into my window harder than one ever had. I looked out and saw a brown bird on the ground, not moving. Some coworkers heard the bird crash and came to look also. Later, when we checked again, it was still there and not moving. We decided it would likely be gone by morning – we see woodchucks, deer and other creatures in the adjacent strip of wooded area. Someone suggested asking one of the guys in the office (the company is predominantly female) to get rid of it the next day if it still remained. I told my friend Hideki about it and asked if he’d take care of it tomorrow. He was not thrilled.

The next morning, I looked out the window. The bird was still there, but partially covered by a white cloth with a wooden cross stuck in the ground next to it. Immediately I knew it was Hideki’s work and started laughing. Turns out he’d done it before leaving the previous day, using a napkin and chopsticks. The bird memorial was the hit of the office that morning – everyone in my department and others who’d heard about it came to my office to check it out. Another of the guys, Doug – a Cubs fan – saw it, laughed and wanted to know if the bird was a cardinal. At the time, my Cardinals were in the midst of an eventual nine-game losing streak after they’d been battling the Cubs and Brewers for the division lead. I said it was some brown bird, someone had said a robin, but a cardinal would have been far more appropriate – a little too obvious omen, actually. Doug asked if I wanted him to get rid of it, so he (thankfully!) took care of it.

That afternoon, I was in a meeting. Someone mentioned the bird, and not everyone had yet heard the story. So I told it, and said that someone thought it had been a robin. Connie, who works with Doug and loves birds, said she’d taken a look at the bird. It hadn’t been a robin – it was a female cardinal. It really was an omen. A cardinal was dead, just like the 2007 season for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Fast forward to last July, just after the All Star break. This was before the Matt Holliday trade, and the Cardinals held a slim lead over the Brewers atop the NL Central. I was working at my computer and heard a noise at the window. I looked over and there was a male cardinal – identical to the uniforms – sitting on the ledge, just looking in. And all he did was sit there for a few minutes, then fly away. It made me smile, and seemed like a positive sign for the remainder of the Cardinals season. Turned out to be another omen.

One more bird encounter did happen last year. It was in early October, as the Cardinals were beginning their short-lived effort in the playoffs. A bird again crashed into the window. At the time, following the Cardinals lackluster September, I was too afraid to go look. I expected another cardinal lying on the ground. In retrospect, given how the Cardinals played against the Dodgers, there probably was one.

So far, there have been no bird encounters since last October. Only time will tell what’s ahead for this baseball season.



1. Doug - April 25, 2010

Good thing there aren’t any baby bears running around our area!

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