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Sharing the Cardinals ups and downs via Twitter April 18, 2010

Posted by Christine Coleman in Baseball.

A nearly seven-hour Cardinals game wasn’t part of my plans for yesterday. Watching the game was on my agenda, of course – it started at 3:15, so I figured it would end by 6:15 or 6:30, giving me the opportunity to head to Panera for dinner and work on compiling the notes and ideas I’ve accumulated this week for a new novel. Perfect schedule! Then the game started …

Jaime Garcia was terrific, so it was fun watching him no-hit the Mets for five innings as part of his seven total innings. Johan Santana also was good, which made watching the Cards’ continuing offensive struggles not so fun. The game remained scoreless through nine innings and then 10 innings and 11 – and I was hungry. It was after seven o’clock – after my planned dinner time – and I had nothing to eat. The 12th inning came and went. I headed to Panera, laptop in tow in case the game ended and I could continue my writing plan. Yet once there, all I could do was check Twitter to see what was going on. The tweets kept me updated, but I still hurriedly ate my salad and arrived back home as the 15th was starting.

While the game was (to me) highly entertaining, it also was the camaraderie of my fellow Cards Twitter pals that made it even more so. It was about a year ago I joined Twitter, to learn more about it so I could start using it for work. My friend Kathy (the Yankees fan) was already on Twitter and gave me some suggestions of baseball people to follow. She also said I should look for some Cardinals fans who tweet during games – she had a group of Yankees fans she did the same with and it was a lot of fun.

I don’t remember how I found the first Cardinals fans to follow, or even how I started tweeting with them. Through “follow Fridays” I discovered more and more fellow Cards fans. Now I’ve gotten to know fans from all across the country – Oklahoma City; Racine, Wis.; “Podunk,” Mo.; Dallas; New York City; Murray, Ky.; of course St. Louis and many other places. And it’s a great group of online friends to have. There’s so much I’ve learned about Cardinals history from Bob in Dallas, also known as @throatwarbler.  I’ve also learned much about other things – Murray State basketball, for example, from their play-by-play announcer, Neal Bradley (@nealbradley). Had I not known him, I wouldn’t have picked Murray State to win their first round NCAA game – nor enjoyed watching, and tweeting, during their second round game with my Cards pals. I’ve found a fellow writer in @LSMurphy, so it’s great to combine my passions. I could go on … In addition, following the Cardinals beat writers has expanded both my enjoyment and knowledge of the game. I love reading in-game tidbits about the game in progress.

But nothing will compare to last night’s game and the in-game tweeting that took place. Yes, it’s very disappointing the Cardinals lost after all that. But being able to share each excruciating inning, and then the entertainment in the later innings, was a special experience. One of the things I love so much about baseball is that each game offers the opportunity to see something you’ve never seen before. And last night, with Felipe Lopez pitching and allowing a base hit to the relief pitcher he hit a grand slam off of Friday, had so many “I can’t believe this!” moments. Sharing those moments as they happened with my Twitter friends (and Kathy, who chimed in several times) is something I’ll never forget.

And now, time to end. Another game is starting – and my Cardinals tweeps are waiting!



1. lsmurphy - April 19, 2010

I’m with you on this! I was at the conference when the game started. I kept pulling my phone out to check the score on the Cards mobile website and the comments from my Twitter friends.
During the Happy Hour, when I was supposed to be networking, I watched some of the extra innings with an older gentleman who was just a guest at the hotel. He asked me if I had a book for sale so he could buy it and get it autograph. LOL. What a great game that was.

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