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Who’s your favorite baseball player? April 5, 2010

Posted by Christine Coleman in Baseball.

At last, the baseball season is officially here! While the six weeks of spring training were a nice appetizer, the main course is served today (and daily through October). I can’t wait. Six hours until game time!

While all baseball fans have a favorite team, they also have a favorite player. Who’s yours? Why? Everyone has their reasons, and I want to hear them.

I’ve mentioned mine, Chris Carpenter, and the reasons why he’s earned that spot several times already. (His determination, his approach and his general kick-ass attitude, as well as this.) I’m thrilled he’s again the Cardinals Opening Day pitcher, yet also nervous. He’s been up and down during spring training, and his last time pitching in a meaningful game – last October against the Dodgers in the playoffs – wasn’t a typical Carp game. Yet I have to feel good about his chances today. He’s Chris Carpenter. It’s Opening Day.

Today I want to hear from you about your favorites – yes, Cubs fans, even you. Who’s your favorite and why?



1. Erika - April 5, 2010

I love to watch Brendan’s all-or-nothing defense. He plays with his whole heart. Athletic and acrobatic. Gold Glove this year. Plus he brings some youth, energy, spirit and lots of FUN. You can tell he LOVES playing baseball. It’s that spark 😉

Honorable mentions to Hunky Holliday and Mr. Freese though! 😉

2. Angela - April 5, 2010

Okay, Erika swiped Brendan, so I’m going with Adam Wainwright. Despite being a homegrown product, the Braves didn’t see anything special in him and packaged him in a deal that moved 5 players around. Since then Adam has worked hard, come up through the bullpen to make all the crucial saves in the 2006 World Series, then become of one of the premiere starters in the NL. He does this all and still argues that he’s not even the number one starter on his team! On top of all this he has proved to be a strong teammate, a family guy and a strong Christian… all things I love so much about him! 🙂

3. LS Murphy - April 5, 2010

Of all time, my fave is John Tudor. Can’t beat him in my heart. I loved watching him pitch. His consistency, his speed, his heart. Every pitch counted and had a hint of the emotion beneaht the calm exterior. Waino’s like that too.

My fave of today’s team…gotta go with Skip. He’s got such an amazing athletic ability. Not many players could make the transition from the outfield to second. He’s got great chemistry with Brendan Ryan off the field and that transfers onto the field. Skip’s the man.

4. Michael - April 5, 2010

No matter what he may do in the future, no matter his performance last season, for the final outs in the clinching series against San Diego, the Mets and Detroit in 2006, Adam Wainwright will forever be in the picture.

But favorite? Only one player inspired me to run outside screaming in my underwear after he crushed a Niedenfuer pitch into the left field bleachers, reversing a Dodgers’ lead and sending the Cardinals into the 1985 World Series.

Pitchers knew him in their nightmares.
You knew him as Jack the Ripper.

Christine Coleman - April 9, 2010

Just read about that homer in Derrick Goold’s book today.

Bob Netherton - April 23, 2010

That was one of the highlights of the 80s Cardinals. My favorite part of that play was Pedro Guerrero slamming his glove on the ground as the ball flies over his head. He knew at that moment that their chances to advance to the World Series had just evaporated.

I also love the irony that he would replace Clark later with the Cardinals, and play well. And we would also see Tom Neidenfuer in a Cardinals uniform makes that even more special.

5. Joni B. - April 9, 2010

I’m 33-year-long Yankee fan and gotta say my fave is Derek Jeter. First, he’s a short-stop, my all-time fave position. The first Yankee SS I fell in love with was Bucky Dent — still remember going weak in the knees for him .. as well as the short-shorts pin-up poster of Bucky that long was afixed to my jr high and high school walls. And now there’s Derek. My fave, not on my walls. He’s workmanlike, talented, total team player, clean cut (as are all my Yankees!!), way cute (who can match that smile??), great glove, great stick, and I gotta say, I melt a bit each time I see that sauntering swagger of his. Love ya, D!!

Christine Coleman - April 9, 2010

I knew about Bucky Dent — don’t think I knew about Derek. Kathy (in my “Baseball Moments” post) likes him too. We have long had the nickname of DD for him, Dreamy Derek! I think you would probably agree with that one! 🙂

6. Bob Netherton - April 23, 2010

For exactly the reasons you describe, Chris Carpenter is my favorite among the current crop of Cardinals. He brings an intensity to the game unlike most others. He plays the game the way they used to, back in the day. He could have played on those 60’s clubs.

Which brings me to my all time favorite baseball player, Bob Gibson. Nobody brought the competitive spirit, game after game, year after year. He was an amazing talent and it was a thrill to watch him pitch for the home team his entire career.

Christine Coleman - April 23, 2010

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have some time-travel baseball and see Gibson and Carpenter in the same rotation??

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