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What a difference a week makes April 1, 2010

Posted by Christine Coleman in Exercise, Uncategorized.

Ben Butterworth Parkway, Moline, IL, 4-1-10

Last Thursday and today have one thing in common: it was very windy both days. A week ago, the temperature when I headed out to run after work was 48 degrees. Combined with the wind, that was enough to send me to the gym. Today: 84 degrees. So down to the river I went.

With a temperature like that on April 1, it wasn’t surprising the riverfront was even more crowded today. (The river was also, as several boats were out.) I dodged all the walkers — and endured all the runners passing me — and took it slow and steady. Today’s running program called for two stretches of eight minutes at a time, which is a new high. Driving to the parkway, I gave myself an internal pep talk. And, yes, I was calling on my inner Chris Carpenter to make it through the second section. Happily, I survived!

The Mississippi is encroaching onto the parkway in certain areas. Over the last two weeks, it’s risen a bit higher each day I’ve been there. Today, at the first area that floods, the river is lapping at the asphalt path and the mud shows that it has crossed the path on occasion. I believe the latest flood forecasts call for only minor flooding this year. Hopefully that’s the case. Two years ago, there were two major floods that closed Ben Butterworth Parkway for parts of the spring and summer. The unfortunate price to pay for taking advantage of such natural beauty.



1. linda suring - April 2, 2010

gorgeous – the day and the pic

2. Erika - April 2, 2010

keep up the good work!!! – the running, the writing and the pictures!! 🙂

3. Leana H. - April 4, 2010

Thank you for sharing your stories. Your writing is very honest, and the flow is very easy to read…sort of like we are all in your head. I enjoyed your passion for running and wonder if I should try riunning again!

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