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Welcome! March 12, 2010

Posted by Christine Coleman in Writing.

Welcome to my blog!

Writing is something I’ve done for as long as I can remember, starting with stories and poems in second grade. Those continued through the years and, when older, translated into working on the newspaper and yearbook in high school and majoring in journalism at Northern Illinois University. Most of my jobs have involved writing — currently at work, I write everything from magazine and newsletter articles to blast e-mails and Facebook and Twitter posts.

Yet it’s creative writing that fulfills me the most, and it’s something I’ve focused on for 11 or so years. I started with a children’s writing class taught by a local author, then discovered the Summer Writing Festival at the University of Iowa. I’ve attended a couple of weekend workshops and several week-long ones, and the full weeks were the best — the opportunity to get away (all of 60 miles) and focus completely on creative writing. Two workshops were the most influential: a beginning novel writing course taught by Elizabeth Strout, after which I wrote my first novel, and a character course with Bret Anthony Johnston. There are so many lessons I learned from Bret. The one I put into practice most often is that a writer needs to be stubborn, dedicated and disciplined. I try. (Although lately I need to try harder.)

My first novel, Summer of ’94,  is something I’ve written and rewritten three or four (don’t really know for sure) times now, and am currently working my way through again. It focuses on my other love besides writing: baseball. It will disappoint all my Cardinals fan friends to know this novel focuses on a recent college graduate who’s a die-hard Cubs fan — please don’t hold that against me. I grew up a Cubs fan, but have since realized the error of my ways and converted. Besides, think back to what happened to baseball in the summer of ’94. That too is part of the story. Anyway, in addition to Summer of ’94, I’ve also written substantial portions of two other novels. One still interests me enough to complete, somewhere down the road. Last November, I wrote a novel during National Novel Writing Month. (Yay, I was a winner!) While the draft I wrote won’t go anywhere, it’s given me some ideas on a new story to work on next.

Yet with all the current reading and revising of Summer of ’94, I wanted — actually, needed — another outlet for writing regularly. Thus, this blog and the chance to push myself more and be creative. I hope you enjoy reading it.



1. pujolsmolinafan - March 12, 2010

Very happy you’ve started a blog! Can’t wait to read in the coming months. *bookmarks*

2. Erika - March 12, 2010

Can’t wait to read your posts Chris! And I want to read the baseball novel!!! —even if it is a Cubs story 😉

3. lsmurphy - March 12, 2010

Woo Hoo. I’ll forgive you for the Cubs fan error. 🙂
Welcome to WordPress. I have some tricks if you want to email me later.

4. Michael - March 12, 2010

Congratulations — no need to e-mail me your comments on the season, I’ll be able to read and respond to them here.

5. Christine Coleman - March 12, 2010

Thank you, everyone, for the comments — I appreciate it! And, Michael, you’ll still be getting e-mails from me. Although, as the other three on here can attest, you really should join Twitter (as I’ve said before). A wider group of great Cardinals fans out there to share the games with.

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