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The Dawning Of Monday January 4, 2016

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I left home before the sun rose this morning, although at least it was getting started.


Much preferred to the gloomy gray of yesterday.


A Very Gray Winter Day January 3, 2016

Posted by Christine Coleman in 2016, Outdoors, Photography.

Cold and gloomy today, as this is a color photo.


It’s Over So Soon … January 2, 2016

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And just like that, the Christmas season is now over.

Before disassembling the tree for this season, figured I needed one ornament photo. Love this Irish angel.

Until next year …

Happy 2016 January 1, 2016

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The Rose Bowl is on television, but  I’m facing away from the television right now. The scene out the window, even with the reflection of the Christmas lights, is more compelling than watching Iowa play at the moment.


Happy New Year!

January 26: Thinking of Baseball Once Again January 26, 2015

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During these long winter days at work leading up to next month’s convention, it’s no surprise that thinking about baseball helps. And who better to think of today than my favorite Cardinal?

Chris Carpenter was inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame yesterday, which I read about here. As always when reading something about his career, the amount of injuries and number of surgeries he had are mentioned — and make me wonder once more what his success would have been without the three elbow, two shoulder and one rib removal surgeries that caused him to miss nearly five seasons yet win three Comeback Player of the Year awards.

This photo is following the last of those surgeries, the rib removal to alleviate thoracic outlet syndrome. It was supposed to be season-ending, after surgery on July 19, 2012. This photo was on Sept. 21, his first pitch of the season.

It was a rainy and cool Friday afternoon that ultimately ended miserably — though it was no fault of his. That was the second time I saw him pitch in person, with the first a one-hit, 99-pitch complete game shutout on Labor Day 2009 in Milwaukee.

Give what it took for him to reach the Wrigley Field pitchers mound that day, I’m not sure which game was more impressive.

January 25: Winter Returns January 25, 2015

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Just like the forecast called for, it snowed overnight and this morning.

So now there’s a winter wonderland outside.

(This is a color photo too, not black and white!)

January 24: Sunny Saturday January 24, 2015

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It’s 47 degrees and sunny in northwest Illinois on Jan. 24.

I’ll just ignore that I’m looking at this lovely scene from my window at work, as well as that tomorrow’s forecast calls for one to four inches of snow.

Live in the moment, right?

January 23: Just What We Needed January 23, 2015

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Perfect way to spend a Friday evening: two long-time friends, one pitcher of margaritas, two filled-and-refilled-then-empty glasses, great Mexican food and — best of all — two-plus hours catching up.

Now, if only the margaritas didn’t make us (or at least me) so sleepy …

January 22: Another Baseball Photo? Why Not? January 22, 2015

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Today was a repeat of yesterday, weather-wise and work-wise. So let’s repeat the baseball theme as well.

This is The Cell, or officially U.S. Cellular Field and the home of the Chicago White Sox. There were 20-plus years in between my trips to here, having been to Comiskey Park several times in the late 1980s.

This was Sept. 29, 2012, Tampa Bay Rays versus the Sox. Chris Sale pitched and was bad, a few of the relievers weren’t much better but Orlando Hudson hit a pinch-hit grand slam for the Sox so they only lost 10-4.

But it was a pretty late fall day, Kat and I got to go to a game together again and catch up with each other, I got to have decent gluten-free food and beer, and — duh — we were at a ballpark.

That always makes it a great day.

January 21: Baseball Dreaming Again January 21, 2015

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It was another long, gray and drizzly day — nothing of any interest to photograph. But a conversation with my Giants fan pal at work led to us talking about Fenway Park (he’s going to keep up with the Red Sox this year since his favorite Giant is now there) and how he’d love to go there.

Which led to me talking about my trip there in late July 2008. Since I hated the Sawx all the more just four years after they ruined my favorite Cardinals season to that point, I was going to hate their stupid ballpark too.


Except I couldn’t.

It’s the combination of obviously historical aspects with some modern amenities in areas too that makes it so appealing. And of course the Green Monster in left field. (We even got to go on top of it during a ballpark tour.) Plus it had the best beer selection of any ballpark I’ve been too — and this was pre-celiac, when I could enjoy beer.

The game itself was great too. John Lackey, still on the Angels at the time, had a no-hitter until one out in the ninth inning and had a 6-0 kead. Then Dustin Pedroia (of course, right?) singled to break up the no-hitter and Kevin Youkilis (also no surprise) homered so Lackey didn’t even get a shut-out.

Ah, well.

Still the Sawx lost that night, as well as the next night when I was back again. So the two games were just about as good as I could have hoped for.

The no-hitter would have made it perfect.